Dear friend, Greetings from Jaipur, India ! Below is my message to be read on the occassin of memorial of our beloved friend Okoodang on May 03, 2003 I got a shocking message of death of Okoodang, one of our brave friends for the sake of LGBT. In fact he sacrificed his life for human rights, dignity of the mankind and breaking the barriers of discrimination against LGBT. He has proved his solidarity with other social and humanitarian causes like peace, friendship with the mankind in distress etc by joining the rally against war in Iraq. Let us spread the message left behind by our brave friend Okoodang among all those beleive in establishing a society based on the values of friendship, equality and humanity everywhere in the world. In solidarity, Bhawani Shanker Kusum Secretary & Executive Director Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS) Amber Bhawan, Amber 303 101 Jaipur India Tel. 91-141-2530268 Fax 91-141-253-268 E-mail :