Dear friends of LGBTHRF, South Korea: Greetings from Taipei,Taiwan. We are very sorry to hear that you lost a devoted young activist, Okoodang. We admire his hard work and respect his decision to voice out his anger on discrimination toward LGBT population in South Korea. We believe that his death is not only a great lost for your movement also for LGBT movement worldwide. As we all know the forces, especially from Christian churches, against LGBT existance is acting actively; therefore, we can understand your struggle and anger in south korea. At the same time, we think the struggle/battle to fight against oppressive church force is international. Recent years, oppressive Christian church force is also a trend that needs to be aware and find strategies to encounter in Taiwan. As part of LGBT COMMUNITY in Asia, we will fight hand in hand with you.In the near future, if you think our work can do any good to the struggle, please let us know. With Solidarity and Love, Wish all members of LGBTHRF,South Korea in great strength Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan