Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea
Principles of our activities and our way forward
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About Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea
1. Solidarity for LGBT human rights of Korea(HaengSeongIn) Introduction
Rainbow folks dreaming of another world without any discriminations
HaengSeongIn started as LGBT association of Korean University in 1997 and has changed its name to the current organisation, HaengSeongIn in 1998, and since then our organisation as one LGBT representative has been leading LGBT activity till now. Many gender diversities, such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual and Intersexual come together to achieve the society respecting the human rights of minorities. Any heterosexuals who are in favour of minorities human rights are able to join our activism on equal terms. As the diversity is valued, all our members are endeavoring to enhance the human rights sensitivity of all of themselves with respecting each other so as to avoid any unintended-discriminations against other members, based on disease, education, age, gender, and sexuality.
Embracing a hope of Rainbow being tied up with action and solidarity
With the main activity principles like Action and Solidarity, HaengSeongIn dreams of an equal society in where the human rights of social minorities are valued. As every single human being is different, all sexual minorities are leading their diverse lives as labourer, woman, the disabled, migrant worker, youth, and PLWHA(People living with HIV/AIDS). We believe that discriminations and oppressions against the sexual minority can be wiped off when the social minority and the vulnerable join our actions, along with the support and advocacy from the heterosexual. Therefore we should not to turn away our heads about the discrimination against others and have to seek solutions together.
Being different is just 'unlikeness' that is worthy of respect.
Hatred against homosexuality in the recent Korean society is emerging more visibly. If the hatred and violence continues, the sexual minority cannot help living only as invisible existence. HaengSeongIn believes the great participation of the heterosexual in our actions is necessarily required so as to fight against the oppression and discrimination against the sexual minority. To fight against the disabled discrimination, you do not have to be a disabled person. To fight against poverty, you do not have to be poor. Likewise, to fight against the discrimination of sexual minorities, you are fine to be heterosexual. HaengSeongIn will make efforts to bring up an even more equal and peaceful society, along with every person who is in favour of the human rights of sexual minorities
Please plant a seed of hope in HaengSeongIn
HaengSeongIn has organised diverse actions for PLWHA themselves to protect their rights, and to be free of bias and discrimination and developed actions to bring in a workplace protecting labour right by forming employed sexual minorities.
HaengSeongIn has apprised International activities and cultural news and has broken many human rights incidents for sexual minorities via Regular webzine (https://lgbtpride.tistory.com), and by fulfilling these activities, we are striving for enhancing our voices with participating as sexual minority in diverse social issues. We have a plan to strengthen professional counseling, and to develop cultural contents with Human Rights Research Centre, but which is at a planning stage, such as book, art, and picture.
2. 10 action principles
We, as human right organisation representing the rights of sexual minorities who are mostly discriminated and marginalised within the power structure of Korean society, do our endeavor in order to retrieve human rights of those who are put on the sexual(gender) inequality of all kinds of forms including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transexual.
We recognise that sexual minorities living in the Korean society are suffering from unjust and unreasonable oppressions and counteract the influence that gainsays human rights of the sexual minorities along with our full support.
we actively express solidarity with social minorities, such as labourer, women, migrant worker, the disabled, PLWHA, refugee, children, youth, and the poor that are not free of discrimination and oppression and do our endeavor to bring in a society where is equal to everyone and respects human rights and diversity
We strive for abolishing discriminatory elements like social status/position, age, and sex(gender).
We make efforts to communicate with sexual minorities across the world by strengthening solidarity in between other human rights groups/organisations, including international solidarity.
We endeavor to get rid of the discrimination by sex(gender), social class(stratification), any isolation of LGBT community inside.
We perform actions together with non-LGBTQ+ on equal terms who are in favour of sexual minorities human rights.
We do fully support for individual's coming-out and respect his/her opinion about the coming-out.
We do advocate for producing a diversity of sexual minorities culture.
We do respect for individual's sexual autonomy.